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R-1, Residential Rates is available for lighting and other domestic uses in single residential premises,excluding hotel and apartment buildings where bills are not rendered by HMLP directly to the individual tenants.

  GH, General Service Heating is available to residential, commercial, and public building Customers receiving electricity through a single meter for provided that permanently connected electric space heating equipment is installed and no other fossil fuel source of comfort heating is utilized. This rate is not available to industrial Customers.

  OP, Off-Peak Rate Off-Peak Rate is available for water heating in approved storage-type tanks of not less than 50 gallons capacity. This service will be supplemental to general service already being supplied and will be separately metered and controlled by HMLP. HMLP may limit the use of electricity to such off-peak hours as HMLP may establish from time to time. Under special circumstances and with prior approval of HMLP and upon written application, uses other than off-peak water heating may be served under terms of this Rate Schedule. HMLP reserves the right to approve or disapprove each application, based on cost to HMLP and to restrict new applications, based on off-peak capacity available and cost of energy, or such other reason as HMLP shall determine in its sole discretion.

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