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Where service is supplied at primary voltage, HMLP may install metering equipment on the secondary side of the transformer and determine the equivalent measured primary demands and energy by increasing the meter readings by 2% or the actual transformer losses if so noted by the transformer manufacturer.

The Customer shall provide a safe and convenient location for the meter and a service entrance in conformity with standard practice. The location of service entrance shall be designated by the HMLP. All meters will be located outdoors unless otherwise agreed to by HMLP. The HMLP will furnish and install the meter or meters and instrument transformers to measure the electricity used by the Customer. The Customer will furnish meter sockets, meter and/or instrument transformer enclosures, test switches and other metering devices. The Customer shall provide HMLP approved multiple metering units where more than six meters are required. The Customer shall install meter sockets, meter and/or instrument transformer enclosures, test switches and other metering devices, subject to inspection as per Section I INTRODUCTION. All meter sockets shall be mounted in a true vertical and such that their centers are between four to six feet above final grade. All metering, except where instrument transformers are utilized, is to be "hot sequence". All service entrance wire must be copper as this is HMLP's Standard.

The HMLP will periodically test the installed meter according to standard operating practices. If a Customer insists upon having their meter tested, an applicable charge may be made as described in Section X FIXED CHARGES.

Meters shall remain accessible at all times to HMLP. No shrubbery or enclosure shall block the meter. Meters shall not be covered up.

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