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All motors of five horsepower or less connected to HMLP lines shall normally be single-phase, and motors over five horsepower shall normally be three-phase; but the Customer should contact HMLP in advance to ascertain the applicable conditions. Single-phase motors whose capacity exceed one-half horsepower shall normally be served at 240 volts or more, but Customer should contact HMLP in advance to ascertain the applicable conditions. All motors connected to HMLP lines shall be of a type that shall not require a starting current deemed unreasonable by the HMLP, or shall have starting devices to restrict the starting current within the limits considered reasonable by the HMLP, or both.

Service may be refused or withdrawn when Customer's wiring or equipment is so designed or operated as to disturb HMLP service to other Customers.

The Customer shall not in any way interfere or tamper with the HMLP's meters, fuses, seals, instrument transformers, or any other devices and shall exercise reasonable care to protect them from damage. Tampering is a felony punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both under the Penal Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Customer shall give the HMLP 120 days' written advance notice of intention to materially increase their load, so that adequate facilities may be provided. Residential service in excess of 100 kVA and commercial service in excess of 50 kVA will not be served from single-phase facilities.

A Customer taking three-phase electric service shall maintain as nearly as is reasonably possible equal loading on each of the three phases at the meter. If at any time the loading on any phase exceeds the average of the load on all three phases by more than 15 percent (15%), the amount to be paid by Customer for the period within which the unbalance occurred may at the discretion of the HMLP be increased by a percentage equal to that of the unbalance in excess of 15%.

A Customer taking service for the operation of welders, x-ray machines, electric furnaces, hoists or any other equipment having a highly fluctuating or large instantaneous load characteristic which adversely affects voltage regulation or impairs HMLP's service to the Customer or others supplied from the same distribution system, shall remedy the condition in a manner deemed adequate by HMLP, by either:

a. installing and maintaining at their own expense the corrective equipment deemed necessary by HMLP to remedy the condition, or

b. making a cash contribution of the actual reasonable cost of any equipment installed by HMLP on its side of the point of delivery to effect such correction.

HMLP may discontinue service if the Customer fails, upon notice from HMLP, to comply with the foregoing requirements.

Welders of capacity larger than 8 kVA shall not be served from a single-phase circuit.

Welders must pay monthly at least two dollars per kVa of transformer provided as a special facilities charge which will be credited toward the monthly bill.

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