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Issued: March 15, 1982
Effective: April 1, 1982


This Schedule is issued as a guide for electric service by the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant (HMLP) of the Town of Hingham.

This Schedule is not intended to be a complete set of rules governing service or the installation of electric wiring and equipment. Only those items in which the Customer, architect, engineer, electrical contractor or representative of the Customer and the HMLP have a mutual interest are presented. Adherence to this Schedule will standardize the design and construction of the electrical installation to protect properly the interests of the Customer, and at the same time to conform to the requirements necessary for uniform, safe, and satisfactory service.

This Schedule does not relieve the Customer of his responsibility to install the wiring in accordance with the current Massachusetts Electrical Code and local ordinances, or to maintain the wiring and equipment in a safe operating condition. The Customer shall assume or delegate, to an authorized representative, the primary responsibility for approval and acceptance of the wiring and equipment.

To protect the HMLP and the Customer's interest, the HMLP requires the Customer to furnish satisfactory evidence as to the safe condition of the Customer's wiring and equipment before energizing the service to a new or renovated installation or if the service has been disconnected for a period greater than 12 months. This shall be in the form of an approval, or certificate from the Town of Hingham Wire Inspector. Application for inspection shall be made before any work is started.

7:30AM to 4:30PM Monday-Thursday. Friday 7:30AM - 1:30PM except legal holidays. Operating personnel regular hours are 7:00AM through 3:00PM as above.

"Apartment Building" is a Multi-family Dwelling or Apartment House - a building intended and designed to be occupied by more than two families living independently in separate dwelling units.

"Applicant" is an individual, partnership, corporation, municipality, municipal subdivision or organization requesting electric service.

"Arrears" is the unpaid balance due on the previous electric bill.

"Cost" or "Expense" shall include all labor, material and other charges applicable thereto, plus a reasonable percentage for engineering, supervision, purchasing and use of construction equipment.

"Customer" is an individual, partnership, corporation, municipality, municipal subdivision or organization lawfully receiving service from the HMLP by signed Application for Service.

"DTE" is the Department of Telecommunications & Energy Public which regulates utilities in Massachusetts.

"Default" is when an account is past due 60 days and is subject to disconnection.

"Franchise Area" is the geographical area in which electric service is provided by the HMLP and includes all the area contiguous to the boundaries denoting the Town of Hingham.

"HMLP" is the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant. This separate autonomous Department of the Town is governed and operated by the Hingham Municipal Light Board (HMLB) as elected by the voters of Hingham.

"Point of Attachment" is the eye bolt installed by the customer and remains the property of the Customer that the Service Lateral attaches to.

"Power Cost Adjustment" is an adjustment, plus or minus, that is applicable to all Customer bills to account for the increase or decrease in the cost of power to the HMLP as described in Section III RULES AND REGULATIONS.

"Service Contract" is the executed Application for Service.

"Service Entrance" is that part of the wiring from the point of attachment or (termination of the service lateral) to and including the main service switch on the Customer's premises. The Customer shall own the service entrance, except for the kWh meter and metering transformers if utilized.

"Service Lateral" is a system of wires or cables, fixtures and sometimes poles, or the equivalent ducts, conduits and cables (when placed underground) used to conduct electricity from the line from which the Customer is to be served to the point of attachment on the Customer's building or the Customer's meter pole, in the case of overhead construction, or to the terminal box in the Customer's building in the case of underground construction. HMLP shall own the service lateral.

"Standby Person" is the HMLP employee who responds to emergency service calls after regular business hours.

"Surcharge" is a charge payable by the Customer to the HMLP in addition to the charges under an applicable Rate Classification, pursuant to the provisions of Section VII LINE EXTENSIONS.

"Underground Residential Distribution" (URD) is the total underground installation of a complete electric distribution system in any residential development of four or more dwellings or building units, or to any other residential, commercial or industrial complex for which the Customer desires or the Planning Board of the Town mandates that underground distribution be included as a condition of approval.

"Units" refers to a condition where there is more than one Customer served from one meter.

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