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The HMLP will install or have installed, own, operate and maintain URD systems to qualifying residential, commercial, or industrial complexes subject to the conditions and procedures contained in this Section. All wire must be copper as this is HMLP's standard throughout the system.

The Applicant shall enter into a written agreement with the HMLP which will describe the proposed system and shall provide the HMLP with a blanket easement to construct and maintain the underground system on the Applicant's property.

The Applicant shall provide to the HMLP, six (6) months prior to the date that electric service is required, six (6) copies of final maps of the proposed development. Included therewith shall be a schedule indicating approximate starting and completion dates and the phases of construction if the construction period exceeds twelve (12) months.

The Applicant, in addition to providing all clearing, grubbing, grading, trench excavation, proper bedding, backfill and installation of the URD system, may be required to make a payment at the time of agreement to cover the additional cost of the system, in accordance with Section X FIXED CHARGES.

All URD systems shall be installed in accordance with the HMLP's "Requirements and Specifications for Installation of Underground Residential Distribution (URD) Systems", as may be modified from time to time, which specifies the responsibilities of the HMLP and the Applicant relative to the installation of a URD system, and which provides more detailed installation requirements.

Prior to energizing the URD system and/or prior to requesting service connections, the Applicant shall provide the HMLP with a complete as-built map of the development, which shall be reproducible and shall show all rights-of-way lines, easement lines, and as-built locations of all water lines and services, storm and sanitary sewers and laterals, gas mains and services, telephone cables and services, CATV cables and services, and electric distribution lines, transformers, pedestals, and services.

Prior to energizing or connection of service, the Applicant shall be responsible for all damage or degradation of the URD system and appurtenances caused by construction activity or any other actions on the part of the Applicant. The HMLP shall make necessary repairs and/or replacement of cables and/or equipment damages by the Applicant during this period and shall be reimbursed at cost by the Applicant for said repairs.

Prior to acceptance by the HMLP, energizing, and/or connection of all services, the HMLP shall have inspected and approved all trenching, installation and backfilling operations, equipment installation, and service conditions at the Applicant's point(s) of entrance. All service laterals must be in conduit to a handhole or transformer vault. After the Wiring Inspector approves, HMLP will make the connections in the handhole or transformer vault. Connectors will be provided by HMLP where the size is 200 amps or less. Larger services should be discussed with HMLP before installation.

Following energizing and/or connection of all services, the HMLP will assume responsibility for the URD system within the limits of its agreements with the Applicant and/or such clauses and contingencies which may exist on easement documents or other rights-of-way which may exist.

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